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The Mop Fly 5

Réflexions sur la Mop fly

Encore un article sur la mouche Mop qui donne des raisons de l'utiliser.

Mop Fly Thoughts, and a Tutorial

By Domenick Swentosky on January 17, 2018

“It’s Mop Fly mania, I guess.”

That’s how a fishing buddy described it in a text, along with a link he sent to another Mop Fly article. When the Wall Street Journal writes about a fly pattern, you know the fly has made it to the big show. Now, smart fly shops are even making the trip down the cleaning-supplies-aisle of the local hardware store for you. The mop strands are clipped from the mop head, bagged up and sold as fly tying materials. And good for the fly shops. I bought my own mop pieces from a fly shop and was happy for the convenience. Lire la suite...

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