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The Mop Fly 5

Montée par Ethan Martin pour TaleTellers Fly Shop

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Notes de l’auteur: 
The fly that took the fly fishing community by storm, the Mop Fly. Incredibly simple and on certain days it absolutely crushes it out on the water. It is one of the easiest patterns to create, but interestingly enough, it's the fly I get the most questions about. So, here is how I tie the mop fly.My goal with these flies is to create something that lasts the maximum amount of time and looks good in the water. There are easier and faster ways to tie them, but I find they are typically less durable and don't look as good after a fish or two. Regarding color, the combinations are near endless. Fish what you like most and brings you the most confidence, as for me, cream and black will always be in my box.
Traduction souhaitée?

Noter que pour consolider le montage il emploie de la colle avant d’attacher le corps et qu’il enlève le surplus de microfibre pour dégager l’âme du matériau. Le dubbing est placé dans une boucle formée par la soie de montage. Il pourrait également mettre de la colle sur le noeud final.

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The Mop Fly 5