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Hook: #6-18 TMC 5212
Thread: Fluorescent Fire Orange 70-denier UTC
Tail: Natural Yearling Elk Hair
Rib: Fine Copper Ultra Wire
Abdomen: Yellow Antron Dubbing Body
Hackle: Brown Rooster Neck Hackle
Wing: Natural Yearling Elk Hair
Thorax Hackle: Grizzly Rooster Neck Hackle
Thorax: Fluorescent Fire Orange Antron Dubbing

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Notes de l’auteur:
The Stimulator enjoys the reputation of being one of the most popular dry flies in the Rockies. Fly shops sell them by the hundreds of dozens, and its no wonder. Developed by Randall Kauffmann the Stimulator is a great floater, highly visible, and sports a wide, fish-attracting profile. A good match for an adult stonefly, it mimics caddis and terrestrial insects just as well. Overall, this fly just yells "Food!" to the fish, and I always have some in my box. At first glance, the Stimulator looks complicated, but its made up of all the same components and steps as the Elk Hair Caddis
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Modèle de perle adulte jaune. Imite également une phrygane ou un insecte terrestre.
Intéressant pour eaux rapides et lacs avec vent. Une mouche sèche passe partout. Mouche incitative.
Noter le spot rouge à la queue de la mouche. Ne pas oublier qu'en principe, sauf exception (journées ventées) les perles adultes ne se posent pas sur l'eau, on ne les trouve qu'à l'état larvaire.

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