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Stonefly nymph fly tying instructions by Ruben Martin

Montée par Ruben Martin

Thread: UTC 70 or similar
Hook: TMC 7999 #8 to #4
Underbody: soft plastic plate
Tail and antennae : condor biots or substitute
Abdomen: mohair wool segmented with vinyl rib or larva lace.
Thorax: mohair wool
Legs: condor biots or substitute
Wingcase: section of wing peacook feather, laquered first and coated with UV resin after.
Head: thread.

Montage étape par étape.

Montage complexe. Où se situe le lestage? Une "mouche de pierre" doit en principe pêcher au fond. Ce modèle est censé nager.

Notes de l'auteur: It is known that the stonefly nymphs are an irresistible for most trout that have at their disposal bite. Imitation presented here has a good balance between realism and impressionism, this makes an excellent fly for fishing! ... In drift, or picking it up gently by the fund in large pits or on veriles of a lake.We can tie this fly in other hooks classic format for nymphs, I personally really like this model TMC 2302, at numbers 8 and 6 is one of the best nymphs for many rivers in northern Patagonia and mainly for Caleufu rivers, Chimehuin and Collon Cura.In sizes of hooks that are very small we can replace the under body with a piece of monofilament to each side of the shank of the hook, and we can use instead of dubbing mohair wool or just a very thin acrylic wool. Traduction souhaitée?

Stonefly nymph