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Ghost Red Tag Nymph

Montée par LuciV

Hook: Maruto D04HW in size 12 and 14
Bead: Black tungsten bead in 3.5mm or 3mm diameter
Body: Troutline UV Rainbow Tactical Dubbing - in  black rainbow color
Tail: bright red floss

Montage classique d'une Red Tag.

Notes de l'auteur:
Here is one of my best nymph for fishing when season starts. I use this  nymph on the leader in top but also on first dropper. I called it "Ghost Red Tag Nymph" due the colors of materials used: black with green reflects with sparkles  of rusty and purple UV effect.
Red color in tail combined with colors of body made this nymph a great attractor.
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Ghost Red Tag Nymph