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Czech Nymph hot spot

Modèles de nymphes Tchèques avec hot spot. 

Extrait de l'article Hotspots Make Flies Sizzle!

Dr. Kageyama experimented with fluorescent colors at various water depths and under different water conditions. He found that fluorescent orange and yellow are the most visible colors in stained water up to five feet deep. His findings back my on-stream observations.
Fluorescent red is also an option for hot spots. A fish’s eyes contain a chemical that make them extra sensitive to the color red; the same way words that are underlined with a highlighter seem to jump off a page, a fly tied with red seem to jump into a fish’s field of vision. To a human, red turns dark under the water, but a trout still interprets it as red..... lire la suite
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Medium olive hot spot orange

Montée par Jindra Lacko


Hook: Skalka Gammarus hook #8
Thread: UNI thread 6/0 Tan
Lead: layer of flat lead
Body: Golden Olive shellback
Medium Olive body
Hot spot: Hot Orange hotspot
Head: Natural Hare front part
Over rib: 0.16mm spinning mono rib
Head: a touch of black CD marker pen

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Medium olive

Hot Spot Czech Nymph

Hook: Czech nymph, sizes 14 through 8.
Thread: Olive 6/0 (140 denier).
Body: Olive SLF Spiky Squirrel dubbing.
Under rib: Gold holographic tinsel.
Back: Light olive Scud Back.
Over rib: 6X monofilament.
Hot spot: Fluorescent pink hare’s-ear dubbing.
Head: Black hare’s-ear dubbing.

Hot Spot Czech Nymph