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Improved Pheasant Tail

Montée par Tim Cammisa

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Noter qu’à la place d’un cerque en fibre de faisan il a utilisé du hackle de coq pardo. L’auteur pense que c’est plus solide et plus durable.

Notes de l'auteur: Featured in this fly tying tutorial is the "Improved" Pheasant Tail nymph, which is a classic in the fly fishing world. Using the word "improved" is where I tread softly because Frank Sawyer's original is a tough pattern to revise. With that said, in the video I substitute Coq de Leon as the tailing fibers for two reasons. First, the material is extremely durable and resistant to tearing. Second, the mottling featured on Coq de Leon is excellent, and very representational of mayfly nymphs. Please feel free to comment on this pattern and share any modifications that you have made to improve the original Pheasant Tail. Traduction souhaitée?

Improved Pheasant Tail